Bay Of Bengal is a film and video production company of Bangladesh. Beginning its journey in 2005 and formally in 2012, Bay Of Bengal created plethora of fiction and reality based commercial materials and specialized in film production, commercials, feature films, single fictions, serials, documentaries, web videos and various other forms of media contents. Bay Of Bengal works on projects from beginning to end, from pre-production to post, even all the way through marketing and brings decades of knowledge and passion to its fabrication.

Being a film production company, the main mission of Bay Of Bengal is to promote and develop the Bangladeshi films and Bangladeshi film industry in its greatest height. Bay Of Bengal has been working for the promotion and development of Bangladeshi fictions, feature films, short films and documentaries. Its aim is to promote Bangladesh as a filming destination. It is also trying to create good relationships with international film production companies and broadcasters to help promote and uplift Bangladeshi film industry and its activities.

Mr. Ashutosh Bhattacharjee

Mr. Ashutosh Bhattacharjee is an experienced fiction director and a business man with over 15 years of experience in managing business and in directing documentaries, TV series, Advertisements, TVCs and short films, many of which have gone on to earn accolades at various film festivals. His first short film, ‘Tiner Talower’ was nominated for international award programs. He has made over 50 television drams and 10 television series and more than 50 commercials among which ‘Jue’ – (stop violence against women)     was so viral that is was covered by the news paper of USA, INDIA, CHINA and was dubbed in many languages. Not only he produced more than 90 tv fiction but also wrote the script of many popular tv series like taxi driver, 3 sisters etc.  He worked as the chef assistant in films like  ‘Mad in Bangladesh’, ‘Bachelor’ etc. He worked with Mr. Mostafa Sarwar Faruki as a team member of Chobial.

Flamboyant and successful businessman Mr. Ashutosh Bhattacharjee was born on 31st December 1981 in a famous family in in Chittagong (officially known as Chattogram). His father is Nepal Chandra Bhattacharjee and mother Rina Bhattacharjee. He is leading a very happy and peaceful married life with Mrittika Goon. They are blessed with a son named Siddhartha Bhattacharjee and a daughter Damini Bornomala Bhattacharjee.

Managing Director
Mrittika Goon

” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”- by Shakespeare.
Bay of Bengal is trying to make the play better for the audience.

She was born in Mymensing district. Father’s name is Nirmalendu Goon(Poet) & mother’s name is Neera Lahiry (Doctor). She passed her childhood in old Dhaka. She grew in a Cultural family with her Grandmother ( Roma Lahiry ) who was a professor of Sangskrit & grandfather ( Shibprosonno Lahiry).  She completed BSc in Computer Science and Masters in Business Administration from North South University. She is working in different sections of TV media since 2006.

Executive producer
Dalim Kumar

Mr. Dalim Kumar is working as a production designer since 2008 and joined Bay of Bengal as an Executive producer in 2012. He has guided the team with great enthusiasm and leadership. He studied from Dhaka University. His diligent experience has helped Bay of Bengal to arise with immense success.


Mamun Bishwash

Artist & Location Manager

Nafis Ahmed


Wasim Reza


Our Projects

Short Fictions

2005 Fiction(Telefilm) TinerTolowar     (72 Min) Channel i
2006 Fiction(Telefilm) Bionocular        ( 55 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) NishutiOdhiveshon  (42 Min) Channel 1
  Fiction(Natok) Khep (42 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Baba BabaLagey (42 Min) Channel 1
  Fiction(Telefilm) Siren (72 Min)  
2007 Fiction(Natok) Tamar Bish (42 Min) ATN Bangla
2008 Fiction(Natok) Fatna (42 Min) ATN Bangla
  Fiction(Natok) VlukkeSuvechaTuntuni (42 Min) RTV
  Fiction(Natok) Hawa (42 Min) RTV
  Fiction(Natok) Tekka (42 Min) RTV
2009 Fiction(Natok) Borabor Sir (42 Min) Desh TV
  Fiction(Natok) Kemelia( 42 Min) Desh TV
  Fiction(Natok) PutulerSongshar( 42 Min) ETV
  Fiction(Natok) BibhaoBirombona(42 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Amar SontanJenoThake Dude Vate (42 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Malar Pritivi  (42 Min) GTV
  Fiction(Natok) PutulerSongshar( 42 Min) ETV
  Fiction(Natok) Paki(55mint) Channel i
2010 Fiction(Natok) Grhiothag (42 Min) RTV
  Fiction(Natok) Batpar (42 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Ache NakiNai (42 Min) Bangla Vision
  Fiction(Telefilm) AkjonFuljan (69 Min) Channel i
2011 Fiction(Telefilm) Juboraz (56 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Telefilm) Swapnojatra (56 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Mohasunno (42 Min) Desh TV
  Fiction(Natok) Togini (42 Min) RTV


AktiCliperAnthokahini (42 Min)






2012 Fiction(Natok) Doho (42 Mint) Massranga TV
  Fiction(Telefilm) JokkerDhon (56 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Sareng (42 Min) Massranga TV
  Fiction(Telefilm) Manush (62 Min) Massranga TV
  Fiction(Natok) De Dour(42 Min) Channel 9
  Fiction(Telefilm) Rongila (72 Min) Bangla Vision
2013 Fiction(Telefilm) Joy Bangla (58 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Telefilm) SesPristarChobi (55 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Aha Somudro (42 Min) Channel 9
  Fiction(Natok) Tokkok (42 Min) Channel 9
  Fiction(Natok) RupalialorKhoje (42 Min) Bangla Vision
  Fiction(Telefilm) Ami NayokerBondhu( 62 Min) Massranga TV
  Fiction(Natok) SamratShajahan (42 Min) RTV
2014 Fiction(Telefilm) Chul (60 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Telefilm) NogorDhakaiJonoikoJibonanodho (53 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Telefilm) BaisheySrabon (55 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Jonok 71 (42 Min) Channel 9
2015 Fiction(Natok) KotahiPabo Tare (42 Min) SA TV
  Fiction(Telefilm) ChutirNimontrone (55 Min) Channel i
2016 Fiction(Natok) Happy Birthday To You (58 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Natok) Vanghachora (42 Min) NTV


  Fiction(Serail) Taxi Driver (6 Episode) (22 Min) Channel 1
  Fiction(Serail) Rasta (26 Episode) (22 Min) Channel i
  Fiction(Serail) Baghbondhi(15 Episode) (18 Min) ATN Bangla
  Fiction(Serial) Fiction(Serial) Manpower (40 Episode) (20 min)
  Fiction(Serial) Sabdhan(7 Episodes) (22Min) ETV
  Fiction(Serial) Three Sisters(104 Episodes)(20 Min) Bangla Vision


2018 DOCU RSS DOCU 1 (7 Min 25 Sec) Online
  DOCU RSS DOCU 2 (12 Min 39 Sec) Online
  AV RSS Online
  DOCU project of Bangladesh army DHAKA MAWA HIGH ROAD presented in front of our honorable prime minister ’Sheikh Hasina’
  DOCU project of Bangladesh army DHAKA MYMENSING HIGH ROAD presented in front of our honorable prime minister ’Sheikh Hasina’


2020 OVC Yamaha OVC ( 3 Short film) Online
  OVC Pustitel Online
  OVC IDLC (21 FEB) Online
  OVC ENERGYPAC(NariDibosh-Dir:Dalim Kumar) Online
  OVC Yahmaha (26 March-Dir: Dalim Kumar) Online
  OVC Grameen phone Online
  OVC Vivo v15 OVC Online
  OVC FRESH TVC (Ramadan) Online
  OVC Swapno Online
  OVC Emami Ma Dibosh OVC (1 Min 29 Sec) Online
  OVC Sencare OVC(1 Mint 20 Sec) Online
  OVC SisuDibosh OVC( 2 Min) Online


  TVC Bonoful (40 Sec) TV
  TVC My one TVC 3( 40 Sec) TV
  TVC Bangladesh Bank TV
  TVC Kishowan Mango Candy (40 Sec) TV
  TVC Mermaid TVC (40 Sec) online
  TVC Bonoful (40 Sec) TV
  TVC My one TVC 3( 40 Sec) TV
  TVC JUI TVC (1 Min 56 Sec) Online
  TVC Sencare TVC (1 Min) TV